Explore Premium Features of AWW

Manage Board Participants

You can manage who on the board can edit the board and who can only view it.

How To:

  • Click on the Board Menu and then on "Manage Participants"
  • Within the Manage Participants dialog, you can switch the toggle on/off next to users' names or toggle all of them with the main toggle on top

Share a Copy of the Board

You can share a special link that, when opened, creates a new instance of the board. With this, you can, for example, create a task that you share with multiple people but when they open the board, they will all have their own versions of the task and can complete it without interfering with others.

How To:

  • Click on the main Share Board button
  • Once the sharing dialog opens, click on "Share a copy for each user"
  • Click on the "Copy Link" or share it via email on the left

Create Assignments

Once you create a copy of the board, you can view all copies from that board that are created. This way, you can monitor everyone who opened the board copy and how they solved the assignment. You can also interact with people who are solving assignments in real time.

How To:

  • Share a copy of the board.
  • Go to the repository of all boards that are shared as a copy here
  • Click on any of your assignments to see all board copies that were created
  • You can click "Open Assignment" to view what is happening on the board in real-time and you can collaborate on it right there

Board repository

All boards that you create will automatically be saved in your repository.

How To:

  • Access your boards by clicking the Board Menu and on "Open a saved board"
  • Within the board repository, you can open a board by clicking on it, or delete it from the menu
  • You can also search boards by name from the search bar in the top right

No Ads

With the premium plan, you won't be seeing ads while using the app. Also, everyone you share your board with won't see any ads.

Collaborate with unlimited pages

With the premium account, you can create an unlimited number of pages and collaborate on them

How To:

  • Click on the left/right arrow in the bottom left corner of the board

Upload PDF

You can upload PDF documents onto the board and collaborate on it. Each page of the document will be uploaded as another page on the board.

How To:

  • Click on the "+" button in the toolbar and on "Upload PDF"
  • If you want to use PDF as a board background and not have the ability to erase it, you can lock it. To do so, right-click on the PDF (once it's uploaded) and click on the lock button. You can unlock it the same way

Connect AWW to Google Classroom

You can connect AWW to Google Classroom and share an assignment, announcement or ask a question straight from awwapp.com.

How To:

  • To enable Google Classroom integration click on your name in the top right corner of the board and then on "Integrations"
  • Once the dialog opens, click on "Google Classroom Integration" and on the "Save" button
  • Refresh the page
  • Click on the Google Classroom button in the left toolbar and follow the instructions

Download the board as a PDF

You can download the entire board as a PDF document where each page on the board will be a page in the document.

How To:

  • Click on "Export Board" button on the top of the board
  • Hover over "Export as a PDF" and choose the quality you want to download in. If you just click on "Export as a PDF" it will download the PDF in standard quality

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